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Training your dog

I give training and tuition for all levels in private lessons or if so desired group tuition.

I offer the opportunity to guide your young dog’s first outing at sheep, help you to fine-tune yourself and your dog to get better results on the trial field or working with a herd.

“Problem” dogs are also very welcome, problems are there to be solved!

At this moment I have two locations were we can train you and your dog:

In Nijverdal, where we live, we have a small field that is very suitable for starting young dogs and fine tuning your more experienced dog. If you have to travel a long distance there is the possibility to stay with us at our Bed & Breakfast.

Our home is next to the National Park de Sallandse Heuvelrug, just across the road is one of the entrances into the woods.

About 30 minutes away we have a training location with a bigger field (about 1,5 hectares) on the estate called Morgenstern, in Barchem. This fiels is great for nearly all training purposes at an unique location, set in beautiful surroundings.

For lessons at the Locations at Barchem and Nijverdal please contact us for making an appointment.

We also travel to give clinics and private lessons (also abroad) at your own location.