ISDS and FCI registerd

Tom came to at the beginning of March, he had been taken to sheep a couple of times and had shown a little bit of interest to start with. He is getting keener and fitter every day.

We decided to chance him and hopefully he will turn out a decent dog.

because of his lack of socialisation, lack of muscle tone and being a bit to thin, His early start with us has been mostly based on general behavior and build up of muscle and weight.

He has to learn to be a normal dog before he will be asked more difficult tasks at the sheep.


He has been going along to all the training clinics, trials and has been let at sheep whenever the chance, mostly to get him nice and keen, built his confidence and let him get used to different locations and situations

Tom is coming on nicely, this is him at 14 months in Austria


He also came along to Scotland for some practical experience, and play time