ISDS (ROM) BE/326473

ISDS (ROM) BE/326473


Hip Score HD A

ECVO eye test: Clear

DNA CEA: Carrier


Pixi is a daughter out of my Hope (who now workes at a landscape management nearby, working with sheep to manage areas) and Jonna.

She is a very willing listener and extremely fast, has a great outrun and tries to break the sound barrier every time she gets a chance. She is extremely stylish with an amazing stamina.

She is a very funny character, with a great sense of humor and cat like reflexes and habits.

I started trialing her fairly quickly, and she got a fair bit of placings in the Nursery and Novice trials she ran in. We quickly advanced into the Open Class, where we did ok, but still had some polishing up to do, mostly due to her immense speed.

When we got to working at one off the moorland areas in the Netherlands, a very difficult and testing terrain, she soon showed to excel in this. She was a very quick study, learning to find sheep at big distances, in forests and scattered among sand dunes. So when my partner Wim was in need of a good dog, she went to him, and they have been working together ever since. Although I still believe she could make a brilliant trial bitch, she is unbelievable at working difficult and tough terrain. Therefore she has become Wim his main work dog and together they have great fun.