(Eryri Jaff x Ivy)


DNA CEA/CH – Carrier

DNA TNS – Normal

ECVO – Clear (3-1-2017)


Functional exterior very Good (Highest mark possible)

Gain came to us as a service pup. I liked his mum, so when the pups came the decision was made to keep a pup. I was also looking for a new pup out of Jaff. And he delivers more than I ever hoped for.

He is a lovely dog with a very stable yet extremely enthusiastic temperament. He is very powerful and has an unbelievable sheep sense, a very good natural balance and outrun. He is a pleasure to work with and great fun to train. He developed very well, being extremely natural, very forward and positive.

At the age of 15 months he ran at his first trial, The Border Trial: a trial between 3 countries with a big competitor field, and came 1st

At the age of 2 he already qualified for the Continental Team, representing the Netherlands, in Finland at the CSC. We got into the final, and ended 9th. He did brilliantly under extremely difficult circumstances.

At the 4th WT Qualifier he came 3rd, making it in the World Trial Team for the 2017 World Trial, and also Qualifying for the Dutch National Double Gather Final. Becoming reserve National Champion at the age of 2!!

Some of his accomplishments to date.

Gain has been competing since the age of 15 months, winning his first trial.



– 1st  Border trial Novice

– 3rd  BCCN Promotion National Final

– 3rd  BCCN Promotion trial Rosmalen

– 1st  BCCN Promotion trial Schinveld



– 6th  European Nursery Championship Final Heteren

– 3rd  BCCN Dutch National/Continental Qualifier

– 6th  BCCN Dutch National Final double gather

– Team member representing the Netherlands at the Continental Sheepdog

Championship in Finland

– 9th  Double Gather Final Continental 2016

– 4th  DSDS World Trial Qualifier

– 2nd  DSDS World Trial Qualifier/Dutch National Qualifier

– Reserve Dutch National Champion, Double Gather Final

– 1st  Seven Sister Trial

– 5th BCCN CSC Qualifier Helenaveen

– 3rd BCCN CSC Qualifier Rosmalen

World Trial Team Member representing the Netherlands at the 2017 World Trial


For video’s of Gain follow the links below

Gain’s at 3 months, one of his first times on sheep

Gain at 10 months, playing around, and starting on a bit of distance. 

Gain at the 2016 Dutch National Double Gather Final.


At the age of 15 months he ran his first trial and won!



His first few outings on sheep looked really promising, showing plenty of guts and style.




He was a very forward, happy and energetic pup with a wicked sense of humour and wit.




Gain has been going along to clinics and trials since he came to us.

This was in Austria



Gain at 9 months in Scotland